About Us

We are a dedicated accounting and tax preparation firm committed to providing businesses and individuals with unwavering level of tax and accounting service. Our knowledgeable staff work tirelessly to ensure clients' needs are met at the highest level. We keep a close eye on the newest tax laws and procedures to meet the quality standard we set out.
For over 45 years, we have been providing Canadians with the best accounting and tax management support. We have an experienced and diverse staff providing quality service that you can count on.

Staff Directory

Luis A. Alcivar

General Accountant & Tax Professional

Luis J. Alcivar

Accountant & Tax Professional

Veronica Loor

Bookkeeper & Receptionist

Esaud Alcivar

Junior Bookkeeper

Angelo Alcivar

Office Clerk

Luis Jr. Alcivar

Junior Accountant

Direct: 999-999-9999

Email: luis@alcivar.com


Senior Bookkeeper

Direct: 999-999-9999

Email: luis@alcivar.com



Direct: 999-999-9999

Email: luis@alcivar.com


Bookkeeping Assistant

Direct: 999-999-9999

Email: luis@alcivar.com


Adminstrative Assistant

Direct: 999-999-9999

Email: luis@alcivar.com

Our Purpose

Providing excellent quality service to our customers and working hard to ensure their tax and accounting needs are met.
The goal is to minimize tax liability through careful management and maximize tax returns.

Our Values

We are committed to serving our clients from start to finish with the intentions of completing the task successfully.
We always act with honesty and spend our time to find ethical solutions to drive client success.
We enjoy sharing our knowledge with our customers to service them better.

Our Clients


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